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Bruce von Stein


I’m a seasoned General Manager, Senior Marketing Executive, and Consultant with over 20 years of experience. My ability to quickly learn, assess a situation, poll for input, make recommendations, and seamlessly execute has resulted in a consistent track record for delivering sales, profit, and market share growth.

I’m known for growing businesses through innovation, identifying market opportunities, bringing creative business ideas to life, and leveraging the power of storytelling in all aspects of marketing and communication. As a leader I wholeheartedly believe inspired teams are our most powerful asset. By putting in place a clear vision, an inclusive culture, and empowering people to do what’s right, I lead teams to consistently exceed expectations and achieve extraordinary results.


Strategic Planning & Execution
Traditional, Digital & Social Media Marketing
P&L Management
Interpersonal & Team-Building Skills
Product Development & Innovation
Analytical & Critical Thinking
Communication & Influencing Skills
Customer Marketing & Collaboration

my professional mission:

Leading teams to create innovative, sustainable products and services that help people lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

Diverse Professional Experience

I’m a classically trained consumer packaged goods marketer with a consistent track record for delivering results across a wide range of challenges including brand turnarounds, new product innovation, and igniting growth engines on base businesses. 

  I’ve worked at several leading food companies including Nabisco, Pillsbury, and General Mills. Over the years I’ve led businesses of increasing scope and scale, ultimately running General Mills’ $500+ million Dry Dinners business and a team of over 40 members and 7 direct reports.

Several key accomplishments include: (1) Grew General Mills’ Dry Dinners sales and profit by 4% and reclaimed category captaincy at WalMart; (2) Drove 12% compounded annual sales and profit growth on Honey Nut Cheerios, secured top-selling cereal status at WalMart, and put in place plans to become the nation’s #1 cereal brand; (3) Turned around the Progresso Soup business with a game-changing business strategy that grew sales by 44% and profits by 104% over a three-year period; and (4) Revitalized the Pillsbury desserts business, improved profitability, and regained #2 share position.

 As a business consultant I’ve delivered actionable recommendations and results to organizations of all kinds including  large corporations, small to medium size businesses, non-profits, and international agencies.

My practice has included engagements focused on business strategy and planning, visioning, traditional and digital marketing, new products, packaging design, category management, private label strategy, business opportunity identification, trade/channels expertise, and project management. 

Key assignments have included:  (1)  an international assignment in Serbia  to help grow business and employment in the healthier, less processed, natural foods sector, (2) overhauling the digital marketing efforts of a natural and organic health care products company , and (3) partnering with a leading grocery retailer to grow their business across 16 categories. 

In response to my increased frustration with the food industry’s proliferation of unhealthy choices I’ve married my food expertise and passion for writing to create an honest, authentic voice advocating a healthier approach to eating. 

Using my pen name, Bruce  Bradley, I’ve launched a successful blog
  (www.brucebradley.com) to help people live healthier lives by encouraging them to cook more and eat less processed food. Applying my knowledge of digital marketing, social media, and SEO I’ve attracted over 40,000 followers and reached almost one million visitors

I’m also a published author. My novel, FAT PROFIT$ , is a suspense-filled thriller that leverages the entertainment and intrigue of its genre to explore the question, “Is the food we eat safe?”

Finally I’ve also  become an advocate for eating less processed food and have made appearances in international media including CNN, BBC, CBC, The Dr. Oz Show, Al Jazeera, Prevention, Reader’s Digest, Men’s Health, The Huffington Post, as well as several documentaries.   

Leadership That Breaks the Mold and Delivers Results

Today’s environment is radically different and continues to evolve rapidly. Yet many organizations still fill their ranks with cookie-cutter leaders. I prefer to break the mold.

The old “command and control” leadership model is outdated. Today’s leaders must think differently and act quickly to deliver results. Furthermore, the demands of transparency, social media, and managing millennials require a new brand of leadership.

Leveraging diverse corporate, entrepreneurial, and online experiences, I am that new type of leader. With a unique blend of results orientation, authenticity, and empathy, I help organizations thrive by creating an inspired vision, building strong teams, and empowering people to do what’s right—all while encouraging continuous communication and feedback.


Here are just a few recommendations from people I’ve worked with:

I’ve had the pleasure of working for Bruce three times in my career. He is smart, dedicated and a great general manager and marketer. Most impressive, Bruce is a leader who genuinely cares for his team and puts people first while still driving results. I would work with or for Bruce again in a heartbeat.

SVP Aimia, Inc.
Intelligent Shopper Solutions

Bruce is a highly skilled and deeply versatile marketing leader. He leads with a clear, compelling vision and a strategic sense of how to get the most of out of his P&L. He’s also a committed team leader, focused on building teams that deliver great results.

President, GoKart Labs

I’ve worked with Bruce von Stein via a non-profit board I chair. The organization’s strategic direction wasn’t well-defined, so I recruited Bruce to help us out. His knowledge and experience in developing a meaningful, motivating vision was impressive. He did an excellent job challenging us to distill who we really are and what we truly want to accomplish long-term. He also showed us the importance of crafting a vision that uses motivational language and imagery to really get people on board. We couldn’t be more pleased with Bruce’s work.

President, non-profit board

Education & Interests

MBA, Fuqua School of Business
Business Management & Marketing Major
Fuqua Scholar

Bachelor of Arts
Economics Major 



Run, lift weights, bike, hike, camp, hot yoga, meditation, and study positive psychology.  Volunteer as a drop-site coordinator for a local, organic farm.


San Juan Islands, Seattle, London, Paris, Hawaii, Alaska, Italy, Glacier National Park, the Canadian Rockies, and Costa Rica.


Specialize in dishes that minimize the use of highly processed ingredients, vegetarian, and ethnic foods.


I’d love your help networking! Let me share some thoughts on what I’d like to do next.

I Want to Make a Difference!

I want my career to be more than a job. I want it to have purpose. To help determine what that means to me I’ve taken a step back and followed the advice of some experts on how to increase fulfillment and happiness in one’s professional life. What I’ve learned is that it’s all about marrying my core talent, what I’m passionate about, and what the world needs.

  Here’s what I’ve come up with to help guide my next step!


Leading teams to innovate and solve complex problems.


Helping people live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.


Making the world a better place through sustainability.

My Mission

At the intersection of my core talent, passion, and what the world needs lies my professional mission:

“Leading teams to create innovative, sustainable products and services that help people lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.”

Target Areas

To bring my professional mission to life I’ve developed 6 target areas. Although these areas are by no means all encompassing, I’m using them as a starting point for identifying opportunities. 







It all starts with a conversation!

I’d love to share more information about my experience and how I hope to make a difference. Let’s talk and connect on LinkedIn. And if you know a colleague who might be interested in my experience, feel free to forward my information.
 Thank you!